Searching through Changes

I have some lines from the files in my repository that seem to have gone missing.

Is it possible to search through pijul’s changes for a specific phrase I believe should be in my tracked files?

So far I have knocked something together iterating over all the hashes and then using grep; this should work fine, but I am wondering if there is antything more elegant, or any support for adding a more sophisticated feature into pijul itself. I am presumin one of the nice things about being change-based is that, on state-based VCS we need to look through all the files as they were at that state, rather than being able to look at the patch’s text directly, but also, if we are going directly to what changed between our search term and something else, then I am thinking this becomes a more direct tool. Searching under a state-based VCS is bit more messy and involves knowing a bit about the hisroty of the repository to find something relevant, but I am thinking that there is a much closer correlation between a given term and a change that features or introduces/removes that term.


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