Building a git-ssb like remote for ssb

Hi, I’m very interested in Pijul as an alternative to Git. I’m also very interested in peer-to-peer systems, like Secure Scuttlebutt, and while I appreciate Pijul Nest a lot, I would love for a system like git-ssb to exist for Pijul. I also think Pijul would be much better suited to SSBs protocol.

To explain git-ssb a bit: It tries to make git truly distributed, by implementing a git remote on top of ssb, a gossiped distributed log system. It also includes issues and pull requests, all without any central servers.

I would love to try and implement something like this for Pijul, but I am very new to the project, so I’d appreciate your thoughts, ideas and some pointers on where to start^^

I’m especially not sure how to integrate this into pijul. In git you can implement remote handlers, but I’m not sure if something like that exists for Pijul? As far as I can tell there’s only ssh, which just runs pihul apply on the remote?