Equivalent of Emacs' Magit?

These days when I use git I almost exclusively use Magit, which is an interactive mode in emacs, and find it to be much faster than the command line.

I realize pijul is still fairly new but I wonder if anyone has made something similar for pijul?


I wish, at least, we had something like vc-pijul.

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No one has done that, but I’m starting to feel the need for it. I don’t know how to write emacs modes though. Do you?

Well I think the easiest thing to start would be @ln-nl’s suggestion to make an emacs vc backend for pijul, which is a generic vc interface that isn’t nearly as nice to use as magit (partly because it tries to be a general frontend) but is much easier to implement for us because we just need to figure out how to implement the functionality using pijul’s command-line features.

I started a repo for this purpose, but as you can see there’s almost nothing done yet.


I thought I would do something like proxy for pijul, which mimics git for things like git diff and stuff. So we can use vc-git for pijul

As you might guess, I’m not very good at emacs :slight_smile:

By the way, I’ve made progress on that, I’ve started implementing a vc-pijul:


My .emacs contains the lines:

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/pijul/")
(require 'vc-pijul)
(add-to-list 'vc-handled-backends 'Pijul)

Is vc-pijul still around? The link seems to be broken, and I can’t find anything in the repository.

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As someone who went from absolutely dreading the git experience to doing very frequent commits thanks to magit, I can say this would be a great feature.

I want to point out a few small things for people who are interested in working on this but might not know this–

  1. The main UI of magit exists as a standalone emacs package Magit-Section Developer Manual
  2. There is a magit clone for mercurial that is written by another author (but doesn’t use magit-section)
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I asked on Twitter (https://twitter.com/pijul_org/status/1563287391044902913) and turns out that vc-pijul was never completed. Perhaps someone else will step up.

To keep the thread on topic, magit isn’t just an emacs extension, it’s a whole new interface. I do not know emacs at all, but I learnt only the bare minimum to operate magit. So a magit interface would be an entirely different thing from vc-emacs (whose usefulness and potential usage is unknown to me since i’m not an emacs user)