`lazygit` alternative for Pijul?

lazygit is a Git TUI. Is there any alternative, which works with Pijul?

I see that lazygit points to gitui, which is written in Rust, and is faster and smaller…
Git has different levels of commands. Pijul does not.
It might be that a UI would need to use libpijul directly.

I noticed that with latest release, some more commands got JSON output support. This makes it possible to write a TUI in other languages than Rust.

If enough commands get JSON output, I might write a TUI in Crystal.

@pmeunier, what’s the plan on integrating JSON output for other commands? Is it planned for most?

JSON output would also be beneficial if anyone wanted to start building out a GUI (like GitKraken, etc) but for Pijul - overall, enhanced & consistent JSON output is a good idea imho.

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