Interop or analogs with Gerrit code review

Last year I got to know zuul-ci and Gerrit code review.
When I saw pijul, it seemed to be a way to make trunk based development accessible to beginners.

I have not found many references to Gerrit here and I wonder if there is a different tool for testing and discussing change lists?

Gerrit is specific to Git, isn’t it? The previous version (Reitveld?) was specific to SVN.

Ok, as I look into the docs more carefully, it seems that both Gerrit and git-review are specific to git and they handle the machinations necessary to amend and update changes in the the way that comes more naturally to Pijul.

I suppose the part that would be valuable is the “speculative execution” that zuul-ci does where it runs the tests in advance to tell you if a merge will break anything.