Nest Discoverability

It would be really(!) nice if there was a top level link (as in on the bar) which points to a page that is just a list of all the users, doesn’t have to be more than that (could be only accessible to logged in users if the poor discoverability is intentional).

This would make it much more fun to use the nest (for me at least).

Edit: Imagine I phrased this as a question, “why isn’t the nest more discoverable? for example …”

Hi! That was actually the goal of project “followers”. If you follow projects, you make yourself discoverable. We don’t have the bandwidth yet to implement data processing on the users to suggest users to you. Unfortunately, we have reasons to believe that there are many accounts that aren’t super active.

Okay, how about we pin a thread here where active people can introduce themselves or their projects (as a proxy for this aggregate page)?

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I’ve just done that!

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