Pijul fails to compile in Windows, error in ssh_auth_attempts.rs

IRC channel seems dead so I thought maybe I’ll have some luck here.

After struggling with libsodium/nettle/openssl in windows, the compile goes ahead (yay!) and fails on pijul (boo).

The error is

no method named `add_identity` found for type `()` in the current scope
   --> pijul\src\commands\ssh_auth_attempts.rs:220:48

Now I have never programmed Rust in my life, but I think I was able to track it down to this in remote.rs

pub struct Client {
    pub agent: Option<AgentClient<UnixStream>>,
    pub agent: Option<()>,  

I’m guessing its the Option<()> that’s killing it. The problem is I have no idea what this is supposed to be, so I’m stuck.

I’d really like to try pijul, help!