Account got deleted?

Hi there,

I had 2-3 repositories on nest.pijul.com, but now it tells me my account no longer exists.
I registered again, and there are no repositories.
I cd into a local copy of one of those repositories, do pijul pull, and I get the response error: Missing remote repository.

How to recover my account?

Hi! Sorry to hear that, we didn’t intentionally delete any account. The situation has been a bit complicated since the fire last month, but this is almost fixed.

When did you register?

One way to recover your repositories is, if you know the hash of at least one patch for each repository, I can manually dig and recover them.

Registered the first time on Di., 15. Okt. 2019, 00:09

Can’t restore just one repository. I don’t have a hash of any patches saved anywhere.
The lost repository is orfest/twilightalign

Would be lovely if you can find any traces of that :slight_smile:

Tried pushing a repository.
But no code appears on nest.pijul.com.