Can't log in to the nest

I can’t log into today. When I try to log in with GitHub SSO, it redirects me to my homepage like usual, but I’m not signed in. It has the username and password fields in the upper right. When I try to log in with my username and password, I go right back to the login page again.

I have experienced this same issue for 3 months now. I wasn’t sure if it was just me.

My current workaround is the following: I fill out the password-reset form, and the link received via email will log you back in. Rather than changing my password I just navigate to from there.

That’s not working for me. When I click the link in the password reset email, it looks like I’m logged in. But if I navigate away from my account profile, it looks like I’m logged back out again.

Just to clarify, when you received the password reset email, you clicked on the “access your account” link and not the “” link, correct?

When I do that, it takes me to a page that looks like below:

And then if I navigate to “my repositories,” it looks like below (notice how I’m still logged in):

But I’m not sure if this would work in general, the workaround could be specific to my browser (firefox) and various personalized settings.

Yup. It works in FF but not in Chromium.

Something else I thought of, it might matter whether or not you are logged into GitHub in your current browser session.

I’m hoping this is fixed in the new Nest release so that I don’t need to keep using this awkward workaround.

I don’t know if this is related, but I’m also getting “connection reset by peer” errors when I try to push to the nest with SSH.

Pushing to the Nest with SSH works for me now. I’m still having the issues with browser login.

I don’t know how much this is related. I am trying to log in with Google account:

I don’t want to open a new thread unless I am sure this is a separate issue. Looks like both are OAuth problems.

I can log in normally with Firefox now, but not with Chromium.