Connection reset by peer (os error 104)

How to fix this? I’m using 5th beta on GNU/Linux system.

Hi! Welcome here. Can you tell me what you were trying to do?

Also, we are having massive problems with the Nest at the moment. The old Nest is getting unstable, and the new one has… new problems.

I’m working as fast as I can to fix all these.

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Hi, you too! I shouldn’t take much time, as you described you’re pretty busy. I’m trying to push my changes to a remote repo on the Nest. I had this problem for like 3 days. It looks like it happened after Pijul’s fifth beta release. I tried forcing an update of local caches right now, and I’m getting an error about not finding remote. I’m using SSH with the domain May my repository be kind of broken due to the update?

I have read in the blog about new way of managing repositories between local and remote. Something about, but it seems under heavy development, so I waited a little bit. Low activity on this forum and the discussions section on the official repo gives me bad thoughts that something might be broken only on my machine.

The format hasn’t changed in the last two years, so I don’t think that’s the issue. I’ll look into it and report back to you.

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Ok, something was wrong indeed, can you try again?

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Yes. It did fix the problem.

Also, this may be relevant, as Pijul’s new update introduced authentication through the browser:
I’m having the exact same issue, but some pages, like file contents, load fine without it. I’m from Europe, and I don’t want to talk anything about politics, but maybe Nest’s CDN or what exactly just geo-blocks some countries, even by mistake?

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If by “talking politics” you mean discussing the free internet, I do want to talk about that, as this must be defined for anything that claims to be “distributed”, like Pijul. We’re not taking VC money, so we’re in principle free to do anything.

The Nest uses Cloudflare as a load balancer (not as a CDN), but I don’t think it blocks countries. I’d like to be able to reproduce this actually.

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No, I meant Russo-Ukrainian war, but whatever. Some websites block all 3 countries: Belarus, Ukraine and RF, just “to be safe”. I thought maybe some back-end service on The Nest enforces same policy, cause I don’t know if a person from the linked issue is from Eastern Europe too or somewhere else. Anyway, I think it’s not a point of this particular thread. Thank you for all amasing work that you’ve done!

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I see. I don’t want to talk about that kind of politics either, but if one of the providers I use started blocking random countries on political grounds, I’d change as soon as possible.

Working towards a self-hostable Nest could also help.

Where are the development discussions happening?