Have I hit a nest limit?

While trying to push the large repo which has been giving me conflict issue to the nest I’ve got into a state where no additional patches are pushed. Instead a long response like this is displayed in the console. These are patch IDs. There is no stack trace.


Sorry for the late answer, there are no hard limits in the Nest currently. I’d have to investigate the situation closer to understand what happened. We had a performance bug recently while listing files touched by a patch, but this is supposed to be fixed.

If you still have the problem, I’m totally willing to investigate it, you can send me a tarball at pe@pijul.org.

I’ve dug into the issue and it looks like there’s some buffer handling issues in pijul push itself as increasing the window_size and maximum_packet_size in thrussh avoids this issue. Working out where the packet is being dropped has exceeded my Rust-fu.

That repo I sent you for the cyclic repo corruption will trigger this

Note that patches are pushed successfully - the issue is around determining which haven’t been pushed yet