Pull requests are broken on the nest?

I tried a small pull request to sanakirja, but it failed with “Forbidden”

Also, I tried pushing directly to the pijul_org/sanakirja branch. This didn’t achieve anything (which is fine, since @pmeunier said that it’s been disabled). But what isn’t so great is that pijul didn’t report any error: it acted as though the push worked perfectly, and I had to go to the nest to see that there wasn’t any effect.

Sorry to be so slow, I’m at a conference this week.

Yes, pull requests are currently broken, and this wasn’t intentional.

As for the permission problems, I recently pushed a patch to fix it (pijul now waits before exiting, and reports a failure if it cannot push).

I’m working on a better and simpler system than pull requests as we know them, it should be ready really soon.

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No problem, enjoy your conference :slight_smile: