Signup on Pijul Nest gives "Forbidden" and that's it

Hello there,

I tried to sign up today for Pijul Nest but after completing the form, all I got was “Forbidden”.

You can see the same message by going to


@pmeunier said a few days ago:

I’ll try to take a look later today, sorry about that.

If it’s still happening, I wonder if he didn’t get to it or it’s broken again.
I tried pijul pull on the pijul repo yesterday, and got an error, but trying it again today, it worked. (and it showed me the changes in the editor, which it usually doesn’t)

Hey there, I am still experiencing this issue pretty consistently. Can anyone log in to Nest or sign up? It just gives “Forbidden” for all account actions.

I know someone put a comment on a Nest discussion yesterday (I got a notification), so it’s working for someone.