Unable to sign up to the Pijul Nest


Have tried to sign up to the Nest on an iPad using both Brave and Safari browsers. Both times I am informed:

The email could not be sent. Please check the address, and try again later.

The email address is valid.

Any ideas?


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Now also tried Edge, Firefox and Chrome on my iPad and still cannot sign up. Same error. Is there a problem with signing up to Pijul at the moment?

Still no change. Has anyone else managed to sign up since I started this thread?

Hi there! Welcome to Pijul.

Which Nest are you talking about? There are currently two variants, the historical one (nest.pijul.com), and a newer version which was supposed to become open source if it were financially sustainable (nest.pijul.org).

@pmeunier, thanks for the reply. I wasn’t aware there were two variants. The one I have been trying to sign up for is the historical one. I presume, since nest.pijul.org states “The best place to host your Pijul repositories and collaborate with others”, that is the one I should be signing up for. I’ll give that a go.

When I fill out the form to register on nest.pijul.org and click on Register, the web page reverts to an empty form. In addition, there is no indication the information is being actioned, nor have I yet received an email confirming registration.

Still just getting an empty form returned when I submit my details to create an account on https://nest.pijul.org/.

@pmeunier Still waiting to get beyond an emptied out form after submitting my details on nest.pijul.org. I’ve tried a different email address, going down from 32-character password to 11, using the same login as my email address, shorter login, 6-character password, different domain hosting the email address, …

I’ve just about run out of ideas!

I also got

The email could not be sent. Please check the address, and try again later.

when trying to sign up to https://nest.pijul.com. I worked around it by creating an account by singing in to https://nest.pijul.com with GitHub and then setting the wanted e-mail address and password in my user profile there.

Same for me.

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@das-g that might be the solution for those in the know (e.g. if they stumble across this topic), but there is still an underlying bug that needs to be addressed if Pijul is going to really increase its user base. It would be easy for someone to give up when every attempt to create an account fails, especially with a new and relatively unproven version control system relative to those already established.

I completely agree. I just wanted to report my findings in case they’re useful for someone seeing this, be it as a workaround for those that want an account or as additional information for those looking for the bug’s cause and developing a fix.

I’m myself just a new user trying to figure things out, currently stuck on the questions I raised in Identity / Key: What are the "name", "displayname" and "username"?.

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Still waiting for the bug fix. I’m not going down the GitHub route and am still unable to create an account.

@das-g I guess, like you, in the meantime I should start trying to understand the ins and outs of Pijul so I’m ready to go when I get my account.

Hi! I just made a little progress on this today, sorry for the long wait. I used to be more active on this project when I was an academic, but since Pijul is free and I’m alone, I don’t have the resources anymore to work too much on Pijul. If enough people subscribe to paid accounts this will change, but they’re still a bit unstable.

So, now you can try again if you want.

@pmeunier Apologies for nagging. I didn’t realise it was all down to you. I wish I could help, but I am just starting out with Rust and don’t have enough time to work on my single simple project at the moment!

Anyway, I can report that I have successfully created an account. Thank you. The only downside is I am away from home with just my iPad, so will have to wait till I get back home before I can make use of Nest.


No worries, I’m used to it. This was probably the first time I stop looking at Pijul for more than a few days in a number of years. The reason it didn’t work is that AWS suspended my account without sending me even a single email. So, no SES anymore, and this “new Nest” isn’t monitored as well as the old one.

A lot of the new Nest is written in Typescript/Svelte, only the Pijul-related parts are in Rust.