How to add named remote?

I just try old --set-remote name and this doesn’t exist.
Something like remote add doesn’t exist too.
What I missed?

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add a [remotes] section in .pijul/config, with your named remotes there. For example, for my local copy of pijul, I have:

nest = ""
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Thanks :blush:
Maybe I’ll add command for it if it needed not to just me.

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That’s strange. I just add remote record and nothing changed.

Hm… :thinking: But pijul push bbb now works. :+1:
I’m sure that new remote should be presented in the list pijul remote.

I actually like the idea of not having such configuration commands. If the configuration is done via text files, you can just edit those text files. No need to repeat functionality. Similarly, there’s also no bash subcommand for editing .bashrc, for example. :wink:


thanks for the awesome information.