Something you may find useful: pijul-prompt.zsh

I use git-prompt.zsh to have a live status of the current repo in my zsh prompt, and wanted something similar for pijul, so I made pijul-prompt.zsh . This is a a GitHub mirror so it will work with Antidote (and probably other plugin managers?)…

It will canonically live on the nest when it’s possible to push to it again. :slight_smile:

I’ve cross posted in zulip and here. I’m not sure who reads where or what the canonical place is if any. My apologies if you see both. :smile:

The GitHub mirror is being achieved (manually) via pijul-export or pijul-go which both work really well with a bare git repo in the same directory as the pijul repo.


Related (I don’t think yours is the same thing exactly), I have minimal Zsh vcs_info support for Pijul here: vcs-info-pijul « defaults « common - systems - NixOS system configurations (to enable, add the directory to fpath)

Certain prompts such as grml-zsh-config use this to display VCS indicators.

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