Third-party scripts in this forum


Could you host all the scrips you use locally? Using third-party scripts is a security risk.


Unfortunately, we rely on Discourse regarding this forum, and I don’t think they provide a “self-hosted scripts” feature. :\


just put the scripts on your server and patch the sources or configs to make them refer it instead of discourse-cdn-sjc2.com with sed.


The point is, it would be a big waste of time and resources for something of very little importance (there’s not much traffic on the forum), especially compared to reaching pijul 1.0


Besides, we are not hosting this forum ourselves.


exactly. Both the forum (first-party domain) and the scripts (third-party) belong to discourse, so avoiding those third-party scripts would either mean relying on another platform (so what’s the point?) or implementing our own forum on bought servers, thus a huge bump up in both money and admin time